I believe any artist, any person working in any medium, can become a better artist by undergoing periodic self-reflection and introspection to become more in touch with themselves and what they want to say.  What are their personal reasons for doing art?  How did their background and life experience bring them to their work and their choice of medium?    What is it that makes their work meaningful to them? If they can understand what matters to them and express it clearly to others, they gain focus and impact with their work.  If their work speaks with more clarity to others, then the opportunity for understanding and dialog between the creator and the observer of the art is enhanced. 


This  section is my statement about my work to others (and to myself) about why I do what I do, what it represents and where I am going.  I hope it makes sense to you, and that you may feel some of what moves me if you encounter my work.  I hope for common ground, and sympathetic understanding from those who get my message.  And my dream is that I can provoke new thoughts or feelings that you have not had before.


As of early 2017, I have reached the skill level in my development that I can now focus on the body of work I envision.  I am clear in my mind about the goals of the work.  As you look at the images here, you will see most are from the development phase.  I will be adding 'art work' in keeping with this statement as time goes on.  Hopefully I can approach my vision more and more closely as I continue to work.