about this site (read first!!)

One thing I have always wished when viewing art is that I could check-in with the artist about the titles of their work and the representation they intended, so that I might compare with what I see or feel as I view their work.


I created this site in part so people who view my work can e-speak to me about it if they desire.  I am keen to hear what people feel or think about a piece, and what title they would give it as a result.

I asked you to read this page first in case you wanted to have a discussion with me, the artist. That is the purpose of the 'talk with the artist' page.  If, as you view the art, you have a reaction to it, I would like to hear what your thoughts or feelings were, and what title you would give the work, if it were up to you.   Any type of feedback you care to leave for me, I will do my best to respond promptly.  (Or in the event you don't care to leave your name and want to remain anonymous, that's ok to, and can be done from the same page.)

I hope you enjoy the art work, and have fun thinking about what the work says to you.   I hope to obtain thoughtful input from a broad variety of viewpoints that I can post in contrast to my own titles and descriptions to add richness to the site..

That will help to make this less monologue and more dialogue.